ICTs in the classroom

Boy how classrooms are changing. Although I am not that long out of high school 10 years or so :/, technology use is action packed.

At the particular school I work at, teachers are using Ipads as a way of reward for good behaviour. A student today was rewarded with 10 minutes of Ipad use for good behaviour and subsequently wanted me to play the game with him. I was very surprised to see the game  was  literacy based- match the plural game. I am glad it wasn’t call of duty or violence based (this boy doesn’t need encouraging).

In my regular classes students are often given 5-10 minutes of laptop time at the end of the lesson which is to be used for interactive cool maths games or science games. The kids really love them. Our free time was talking to your neighbour quietly.

Students are also very interested in Google images, Google earth (I live here, where do you live? Sometime I think they need a refresher on safe technology practices…

Just a few stories from being in the classroom.

Thanks guys



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