Sadly this will be my last post as an EDC3100 student. I wanted to say thank you to all fellow students I have had the opportunity to collaborate with over the semester. Most of all, thank you David for providing such a tough yet rewarding course and being so readily available to assist us and answer our questions. All the best!

Cheers Dwayne




For all you Health and Physical education teachers out there I have come across some valuable research on the use of ICT in sport to improve performance. This was relevant to me during Professional experience, as I had a year 11 class who were completing an athletics unit and developing ways to improve their base performance in their chosen event. We looked at ways of improving performance using ICTs and this document goes in depth to analyse sporting technologies

PowerPoint and guiding lessons

From my experience on Prac I have noticed that a large amount of teachers (myself included) are using PowerPoint/Prezi to guide student learning. This includes using a PowerPoint with the learning intentions and success criteria displayed and the direction for the days lesson. I found myself using a PowerPoint most lessons to display information, pictures and include links to websites. As I stated the majority of the Teachers I observed were using a presentation to guide student learning. Students tend to be engaged and this caters for diverse learners, all the while the teacher is able to spend more time in class discussions instead of writing on the white board etc.


Teacher evaluation while on Prac

At the end of week 3 of professional experience I conducted a teacher evaluation survey with each of my classes. I thought this was a great way to receive honest feedback from the students you have been in front of for 3 weeks. This allowed me too look at my strengths and weaknesses over the past three weeks and I also asked students to list ways I can improve my teaching for the future. Overall I received encouraging feedback and I also received some feedback that I can take on board for my next professional experience. I encourage every pre-service teacher to give this a go as a way of enhancing your professional practice.

I have found a link that titled making sense of student evaluation feedback which discusses everything you need to know about student evaluation surveys.

Cheers Dwayne


ICTs on Prac

During my professional experiences I was able to utilise a range of ICTs although I still don’t believe I used them enough. I used a PowerPoint presentation to guide most lessons including crucial information for the students to add to their books . I also used this presentation to link my YouTube clips that I was going to show in the particular lesson. I also used the IWB a number of times which added variety to the lesson.

I came across a blog from Melissa Ferguson who described her experience with students having access to a computer lab. I found the students to be quite rowdy the first lesson and this made me reassess my approach to using the computer lab. I decided to pair up students myself which worked much better with students staying on task and completing the assigned tasks. I was still a little reluctant to use the labs as it was as though I had to start my approach to behaviour management from the very beginning. ( Its funny how you become used to a particular room and have a set routine which works so well for yourself and your student).

Other ICTs I used included I pads for students to record there athletic events as part of their Year 11 psychology lesson. Overall I learnt a lot and have become more confident with the use of ICTs in the classroom.

Professional Experience- Week 3

By week 3 I was super busy and loved every minute. I developed an great rapport with a lot of my students and was really enjoying designing interesting learning experiences and delivering these lessons. I did find myself being  a little more ‘adventurous’ in terms of delivering content and experimenting with behaviour management techniques (which didn’t always work). I took a lot away from week 3, but most of all my confidence soared which I was very pleased with.

I formed a good relationship with the HPE team and during the end of the week I found myself being able to interact more (as my stress levels decreased) and was even signed up for a student vs. teacher basketball game on my last day(which we lost). All professional experiences must come to an end and I am able to take a lot away from these three weeks which will benefit me immensely as I move into my final two subjects (2 Pracs) before I finish my degree.

I have included a link to a page that I found to be a great read- ‘Taking constructive criticism like a champ’


In the past I have found it hard being critiqued especially after putting so much time into designing a lesson. I accept it is part of professional experience and know see this as a great way of improving my teaching


Pre-service teachers’ and ICT

I came across a great article which I think is quite relevant after just completing professional experience. The article which can be found here http://www.researchgate.net/publication/228634613_Influences_on_pre-service_teachers’_preparedness_to_use_ICTs_in_the_classroom  discusses Influences on pre-service teachers’ preparedness to use ICTs in the classroom. They found that aspects such as perceived usefulness, benefit or advantage, ease of use, and the ability and confidence to use ICTs, appear to be critical elements. for things

In my own experience I found that behaviour issues arising were also a big concern. I think having my own class and not being afraid to fail or to try new things will definitely impact on my use of ICTs when I graduate.


Of course the system was down

G4 Media (2012)

G4 Media (2012)

Towards the end of week one I had planned a great lesson for a year 9 SOSE class which related to their Industrial Revolution unit.  My mentor had told me that there were 18 computers that we were able to utilise in the room, so I incorporated the use of ICT into the lesson to enhance student learning. Of course I had a back up plan (You would be crazy not too, especially on Prac) just incase something went wrong.

I directed the 25+ students into pairs halfway through the lesson and they all moved to a computer and turned them on. After setting up the task on the IWB I began to walk the room and then discovered that students were having issues logging on. My mentor rang the IT department and it turns out the ‘system’ was done. Of course the system was down :/ Much to the students disappointment we moved on to another activity I had planned and the following lesson we moved to a computer lab to complete the task 🙂

FYI- That was my one and only technical glitch for 3 weeks.



PRAC week 2

I dived into week two with a lots of confidence after delivering some good lessons towards the end of week one as well as taking on board some valuable feedback from my mentor. I was also in the same position to fellow student Bec who mentioned being given a ‘difficult class’ in her recent blog post which can be found here.


I think I got off lightly compared to Bec. This class wasn’t so bad, they were typical Year 9 students who were ‘finding themselves’, pushing boundaries and seeing what they could get away with. I rained that in pretty quick, but overall it was a great experience to utilise behavioural methods and to find out what worked and did not work.

Till next time Dwayne